This editor lives down the street from a public library where “Ruth Bader Ginsburg” is going to give a talk to children ages 6 and up and answer questions; he’s tempted to attend because he has more than a few questions for the “Notorious RBG.”

It’s not that Ginsburg hasn’t been honored … a hotel in D.C. with a “female empowerment” theme has a massive portrait of Ginsburg made out of tampons. But the official federal ceremony to honor the life of the late Supreme Court justice was held this week as it was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNN Supreme Court reporter Ariane de Vogue writes that Ginsburg was celebrated at a Supreme Court she would “scarcely recognize” if she were still on the bench.

De Vogue writes:

But as the legal luminaries mingled in the Great Hall outside the marble-lined chamber, little was said about how much the court has changed in the 130 weeks since Ginsburg’s passing.

Fresh on the minds of many is the unprecedented leak last May of a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, a disclosure the court described as a “grave assault on the judicial process.”

In addition, however, the current conservative majority, including Ginsburg’s replacement, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, is working expeditiously to reverse much of what Ginsburg stood for in areas such as reproductive health, voting rights, affirmative action, administrative law and religious liberty.

In the past few months, the court has seen its approval ratings plummet amid claims that it has become irreparably political. Even the relationships between the justices, while cordial, have frayed in public over debates concerning the court’s legitimacy.

As conservatives praise the court’s new season, others mourn the dismantling of Ginsburg’s life work.

Steven Mazie, who covers the Supreme Court for The Economist, also tweeted recently that the Supreme Court’s legitimacy and popularity are “at an ebb.” We weren’t aware that SCOTUS followed the polls in interpreting the Constitution.

Why is everyone in the mainstream media so concerned over the Supreme Court’s popularity? We’re pretty happy with SCOTUS just as it is.


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