If you’ve read Twitchy at all today, you’ve heard about Silicon Valley Bank going under — President Joe Biden even got out of bed early to give a 9 a.m. statement to reassure people that their money was safe. Senators also held a conference call about the bank failure, and “so-called journalist” Michael Schellenberger, who just testified before Congress about the government working to censor stories on Twitter, has an exclusive about a senator who wondered if there was some way to censor the SVB news to prevent a run on the banks.

Shellenberger reports:

During a conference call about the Silicon Valley Bank bailout yesterday, Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) asked representatives from the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) if they had a way to censor information on social media to prevent a run on the banks, according to Republican members of the House of Representatives who were on the call.

The members said there were roughly 200 people on the Zoom call, including Senators, House members, and staff members from both parties. “On our conference call, led by [Senate President Chuck] Schumer, with Fed, FDIC, and Treasury, a democrat senator asked the three agencies if there was a program underway on social media to censor information that would lead to a bank run,” Rep. Thomas Massie told Public.

“I believe he couched it in a concern that foreign actors would be doing this,” said Massie, “but he didn’t suggest the censorship should be limited to foreigners or to things that were untrue. The people from the three agencies couldn’t answer him and just sort of took a pass on the question.”

They always manage to blame any bad news that gets spread on social media on “foreign actors” — it’s Russia meddling with our banking system!

Sen. Kelly must have missed the Twitter Files, because he apparently seems to think the government still has a big kill switch it can flip to just make a story disappear from social media. Rep. Adam Schiff thought the same thing.


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