You know Bethany Mandel, or you should. She was famously labeled a “grandma killer” by Soledad O’Brien and others for balking against COVID lockdowns and wanting to take her kids out of the house. Check out the pile-on by Joe Lockhart:

Yeah, COVID amnesty? We’re not doing that.

Mandel and co-author Karol Markowicz have a new book out that they’re promoting called “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation.” Of course, protesters crashed the launch party and acted like animals.

The Daily Wire reports:

The protesters, described as young white women, threw their drinking glasses at the wall where the pair’s books were displayed, Markowicz told The Daily Wire, and Mandel had books and drinks thrown on her, leaving the author soaking wet.

More female protesters yelled at “Stolen Youth” event attendees, too, the authors said. “At the end of the event as guests were leaving, a different group of young women lingered in the doorway calling attendees fascists c***s and yelling homophobic slurs.”

“The deep anger at a book they haven’t read, at the fact that opinions other than their own may even exist, wanting to shut down an event held by people with which they may disagree, it’s exactly the kind of conformity that we talk about in the book,” she continued. “They’ve been allowed to rampage like this for too long and after no one has stopped them from coming for adults, they’re heading for your kids.”

Leftists get awfully triggered when they’re not given authority over how your children are raised.

For a bunch of female protesters, they sure sound like misogynists. Mandel is always talking about her kids … so how could she leave them to promote her new book?

She homeschools and so she shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house, apparently. How feminist.

If all of those teacher videos posted by Libs of TikTok have taught us anything, it’s that progressives think parents are the enemy and the state should have authority over their children. They really hate mothers, especially those “mama bears.”

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