This clip is embarrassing for more than a couple of reasons. First, the chyrons: “STUDENT: WE WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF SOCIETY, UNDO THE WRONGDOINGS OF THE PAST” (that’s “breaking news”). Second, the look of deep concern on Alex Wagner’s face as she listens to what we’re pretty sure is a guy in a dress with blue hair. “Will DeSantis win?” she asks with great trepidation. (Yes, he will.)

As we reported, liberal Florida outlets like the Sun-Sentinel have decried what they call Gov. Ron DeSantis’ brazen, arrogant, “hostile takeover” of New College of Florida. Lefties freaked when DeSantis named anti-critical race theory warrior Christopher Rufo to New College’s board of trustees with an eye on making New College the Hillsdale of the south.

MSNBC sent Wagner to talk with students about their plight:

Oh yeah, they can. DeSantis is working to pull all state funding of university diversity, equity, and inclusion departments and let them “wither on the vine.” Closing New College’s DEI office will eliminate four full-time jobs and will save the school about $250,000. We’re shocked they only have four full-time DEI staff — Ohio State has 132 DEI staffers.

We don’t recall MSNBC sending a news crew to investigate progressive ideology taking over the school.


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