Earlier this month, Politico did a piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ communications team, which was described as “confrontational” and “pugilistic.” Politico’s Florida bureau chief claimed that “calling them confrontational does a disservice to the word confrontational. Under DeSantis, the institution of public communications has been upended.” Why, they even post screenshots of emails from reporters to show just how biased they are against the governor.

The Washington Post is currently correcting its hit piece on Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, claiming she had registered as a Democrat just a few years ago — something easily disproved with an easy fact-check.

In the meantime, the Post is continuing its attacks on DeSantis, this time claiming that emails show that DeSantis wanted guns banned from one of his events but didn’t want to look bad to his base.

Jeremy Redfern is DeSantis’ deputy press secretary and is feeling confrontational.

It gets cut off in that tweet, but Redfern highlighted a line from the article reading that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement “did not request the venue restrict weapons at the direction of the Governor or campaign. Security decisions are made by the FDLE,” according to agency spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.

So the Post’s own piece says the governor didn’t request weapons to be restricted.

Liberals are really not happy with DeSantis for wanting to make Florida a constitutional carry state, so now they’re trying to make it sound like DeSantis is banning guns at events at which he’s appearing. If that’s true, why are they so worried about his constitutional carry efforts if they’re not genuine and he actually wants to ban guns?


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