Politico is eager to get the war started between Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis, posting tabloid headlines like, “DeSantis snaps back at Trump: I got reelected.” That’s hardly how it came out, but it got Politico a lot of clicks.

Politico is treating DeSantis as if he’s already declared his candidacy for president and interviewed Matt Dixon, Politico’s Tallahassee-based Florida bureau chief, to see how things are in DeSantis’ inner circle. One thing the interview focused on was DeSantis’ communications team — Politico doesn’t like that they grab screenshots of the press’ biased inquiries and post them on Twitter.

Charlie Mahtesian writes:

The governor’s communications staffers are known for their confrontational, pugilistic style. Is that a fair assessment? Is that something he encourages?

Calling them confrontational does a disservice to the word confrontational. Under DeSantis, the institution of public communications has been upended. It previously was an area that always had some healthy tension between reporters and communications staff, but now the creation of tension is the point, as opposed to an occasional byproduct. DeSantis’ communications team has openly boasted about how it’s not their job to help members of the media, and are well known for taking screenshots of reporter questions and posting them on Twitter, a habit that only makes the relationship worse. Stories that they disagree with often end up as standalone headlines on right-wing websites or Fox News, and then will be endlessly retweeted and circulated by the community of Twitter trolls they have helped cultivate.

We’ll admit, we’ve done a few posts on DeSantis’ team calling out the media.


Where’s the healthy tension in reporting on President Biden’s ice cream order?

“Why is Gov. DeSantis banning teachers from saying the word ‘gay’?”

We believe it was, “go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita.”


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