The House Oversight Committee held a hearing with former Twitter officials Wednesday on the Twitter-FBI campaign to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election cycle. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on the committee and called the laptop story “half-fake” — which is an upgrade, really, from when Democrats considered it just plain “fake.” So which half of the story is fake? The part about it being Russian disinformation, of course — the rest of it’s all true.

Just to show where we are here, here’s Rep. Melanie Stansbury asking why the Oversight Committee was having a day-long hearing over a “political conspiracy theory.” As we’ve learned from example after example, a “conspiracy theory” is just the truth minus a month or two.

It took them a couple of years, but even the Washington Post confirmed that the laptop and its contents are real. We’re old enough to remember Democrats trying to claim that the Russians hacked into the laptop and planted fake emails among the genuine ones.

The reason you’re having a hearing, ma’am, is that it’s not a conspiracy theory. The attempt to suppress the story was a conspiracy, though.

We know that Twitchy readers know why the committee is spending a WHOLE DAY on this issue. What’s the big concern over Twitter and the FBI collaborating to suppress a factual news story in order to influence an election?


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