First, we never thought it possible that we could look at Jen Psaki and wish she were the White House press secretary again. Still, she’s taken her talents to MSNBC and is reminding us that she can still lie for her former boss with the best of them. What’s her advice for the State of the Union Address tonight? Well, President Joe Biden is “an amazing storyteller” and just needs to tell a story.

His stories are amazing, it’s true. Most of them are made up, and it’s amazing he thinks we’ll believe them. Our guess is that Biden will avoid storytime Tuesday night, but you never know.

Even the New York Times admitted that the “Storyteller in Chief’s” yarns “often unravel.”

Is he going to tell the one about how his house burned down with Jill in it? Or how his grandfather was an All-American? Or how he used to drive an 18-wheeler? Or how his son Beau died in Iraq?

Biden really needs to avoid the “stories” and tell the truth for a change.


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