This editor would like to apologize for another tweet about Rachel Vindman, whose only claim to fame is being married to Alexander Vindman, a key player in President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing. As we reported earlier, she deleted her stupid tweet about using they/them pronouns when referring to Hurricane Ian to annoy Gov. Ron DeSantis, not because it was tasteless, but out of respect for the trans community.

She’s certainly not apologizing for harassing DeSantis and instead vows to do it again and again. We’ve already covered one case of DeSantis Derangement Syndrome today, but we will say we’re perfectly cool with her claim that DeSantis is aiming for the White House.

We’ll have you know that she has a podcast.

She’s going to harass him by tweeting tweets that he’ll never see? You know that meme of Donald Trump’s head floating over the guy thrashing in bed? We need someone to make one with DeSantis’ head.


Editor’s Note:
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