President Joe Biden put out a couple of tweets in March to mark Trans Day of Visibility, including a video in which he tells transgender Americans of all ages, “I’ve got your back.” On the same day, the White House distributed a chart of gender-affirming care and young people. Puberty blockers are used during puberty, and according to the White House, their effects are reversible (but why would a transgender child want to reverse the process?).

Not long after, Andrew Sullivan asked if this “upbeat promo” for puberty blockers should be taught to fifth-graders:

Billboard Chris, who’s been accused along with Libs of TikTok, Matt Walsh, and Christopher Rufo of driving a “stochastic terrorism campaign” against Boston Children’s Hospital, stepped out with a billboard saying, “Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers” and attracted a young woman whom we guarantee doesn’t have kids. (Mild language warning.)

(Did Twitter flag those videos as including “potentially sensitive content” for you as it did for us?)

It took us a couple of tries.


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