We agree to the extent that Ron DeSantis is king — he says what he means, does what he says, and lands direct hits on those things meant to expose the hypocrisy of the Left. We’re with Charlemagne tha God who said DeSantis was a genius for flying around 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. The sanctuary island had them shipped off to a military base in less than 48 hours after calling in the National Guard.

Damon Linker, a senior fellow at the Niskanen Center, has a piece on (the dangerously right-wing) Substack declaring DeSantis the “King of the Jerks” and accusing him of reducing politics to playing “practical jokes” on political enemies.

Linker writes:

So why am I nonetheless irate about this whole episode? There are, I think, several reasons.

First and foremost, because the act itself was transparently designed to advance DeSantis’ political ambitions by using several dozen human beings as props. Purely in moral terms, that’s pretty vile. But so is what the stunt tells us about the kind of politics now practiced on the populist right. DeSantis had a single goal here: to shore up support ahead of the 2024 Republican primaries among the kind of jerks who get off on trolling liberals like me and relish treating immigrants like bags of trash you might be tempted to dump on the street outside the home of your greatest enemy.

That’s it. No policy goal was advanced, or could plausibly have been advanced, by the gesture. All it accomplished was to get DeSantis fawning attention from right-leaning media outlets while giving people a fresh occasion to scream at each other on Twitter and cable news programs.

What, pray tell, has the Biden administration accomplished with regard to the border, beside declaring it secure? What policy goals has President Joe Biden advanced, seeing has he sent more than 74 flights of illegal immigrants into Florida? His policy is to just keep shuffling them to military bases or flying them around the country, right?

Yep. Call them political props if you want, but 1) Florida has been feeding, clothing, and sheltering these migrants for months with no fawning media coverage, and 2) they admit they wanted to go north.

Again, the Biden administration’s policy to handle the influx of migrants it what, exactly? House them under an overpass in Del Rio, Texas?


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