Kudos to Glenn Greenwald here for calling out Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz, whom as we noted, just happened to randomly search for and post the Federal Kidnapping Statute to his Twitter timeline after California Gov. Gavin Newsom had called for the DOJ to investigate Gov. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for “kidnapping” migrants by lying to them to get them onto buses and planes north.

A lot of people mistake Greenwald for a conservative, but he’s had a long-lasting distrust of the federal “alphabet” agencies and the media to whom they leak their talking points. Not surprisingly, conservatives’ trust in the FBI is eroding as we learn about the lies it told and signatures it forged to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Department of Homeland Security that created a Disinformation Governance Board? That DHS?

Get this … Schatz says he was just “asking questions” by posting that kidnapping statue with no context to his timeline.

It’s funny that a U.S. senator is just asking if what DeSantis did is kidnapping when most people in Greenwald’s reply are certain that he’s guilty of human trafficking (but President Biden is not).


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