We’ve seen a lot of magazines and journals that used to be widely respected, such as Scientific American, throw away all credibility in the race to be woke. The science journal Nature has been one of the worst offenders. In 2018,  Nature found that assigning gender by the genitals one is born with “has no foundation in science.” Research on the differences between the sexes was “rife with bias.” Last year, Nature tried to diversify its ranks by hiring a black intern. No others need apply.

Now we’re here with more “science” to report. Nature tweets that an ultraconservative supermajority on the Supreme Court is declaring war on science.

Jeff Tollefson writes:

But as the court swung to the ideological right, its attitude towards science also shifted. For neuroscientists involved in juvenile sentencing, the tide turned in 2021. Reversing the trend in earlier decisions, the Supreme Court allowed a Mississippi court to sentence Brett Jones to life in prison without conducting a mental evaluation looking at his capacity for change. Jones was convicted of killing his grandfather when he was 15 years old.

“There’s no way to argue that this decision was enlightened by science: they clearly ignored it,” says Daniel Weinberger, who heads the Lieber Institute for Brain Development at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. “That’s a mindset, and that’s a reason to worry.”

“For many, however, a more pressing danger is to electoral institutions and democracy itself,” writes Tollefson, noting that scientists have been relied upon to say if a political map is fair.

If a person is wearing a white lab coat when they say it, it’s science. That’s how someone like Hillary Clinton can stand at a podium and declare, “I believe in science!”

Nature, when does life begin? Speaker Nancy Pelosi sure can’t answer that one, and she’s a devout Catholic.