White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is doing a lot of heavy lifting during Thursday’s press conference trying to explain President Biden’s recent rhetoric about MAGA Republicans being “semi-fascist.” Who are these semi-fascists? Well, they’re Republicans who are inciting violence and trying to take away people’s freedoms (she says as Biden pushes for an assault weapons ban). As Jean-Pierre explained today, the White House understands it “hit a nerve” and now the ultra-MAGA Republicans are trying to hide and are telling on themselves.

As Twitchy reported, RealClearNews’ Philip Wegmann asked if placing restrictions on abortion was “semi-fascist.” Jean-Pierre said it was an extremist position. So what else is an extremist position? Get this:


A majority of Americans do favor some restrictions on abortion. So isn’t it the Democrats who support no-questions-asked abortions right through the third trimester the extremists?

Of course not. They’re being given the message they’re now expected to spread. If you don’t agree with the Biden administration, that’s an extreme position, and extremists are dangerous.