We’ve been reporting on this all week. Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist made it clear he didn’t want the vote of anyone who had supported Gov. Ron DeSantis … “If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there,” he said. President Joe Biden declared the MAGA crowd to be underpinned by “semi-fascism.” It seems everyone had their “basket of deplorables” moment this week.

Here’s a righteous thread on all the rhetoric coming from the Left and why it targets you, even if you don’t consider yourself “MAGA.”


As we reported last week, the Biden administration appeared headed toward extending the COVID public health emergency for another 3 months past the current October 13 deadline, keeping emergency powers in place … like declaring student loan debt to be related to the COVID pandemic.

Amazing thread. And amazing how the only way we know about half of this is from social media. All the mainstream media can focus on is Joe Biden’s string of wins and maybe the Democrats holding the House after all.