This year, President Joe Biden made a big deal about Trans Day of Visibility, releasing a prerecorded video assuring all transgender Americans that he had their backs. The White House also marked the day by releasing a chart of gender-affirming care for young people, ranging from adopting gender-affirming pronouns to providing top and bottom surgery.

On the other hand, the White House completely ignored Detrans Awareness Day, in which those who’d transitioned back shared their stories. Among those was Grace, who posted this:

Grace is back with a great thread inspired by this post:

WPATH stands for World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

And those patients are so often minors. But as we reported Tuesday, California’s legislature just advanced the “Transgender State of Refuge” bill welcoming minors who are prohibited by law in their states from getting the gender-affirming care (i.e., surgery) they so desperately need).

The people providing this gender-affirming care are holding a gun to our heads by citing studies that show young people are likely to commit suicide if they don’t get “treatment.”

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