Remember when Jennifer Rubin said that Bill Kristol’s endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor was going to be big? Remember when Bill Kristol thought David French should run for president?

If you think John Legend is just a musician and activist, keep in mind that Kristol recently floated the idea of running Legend on the Democratic ticket in 2024 after Joe Biden dropped out. He said that Legend would be America’s Volodymyr Zelensky.

We do think Legend has political aspirations, as he agreed to appear on David Axelrod’s podcast, where he talked about his wife’s miscarriage as a segue into new abortion laws. As we reported, actor Halle Berry also included miscarriages on a list of “abortions” that if you don’t get, “you die.”

Yes, they’re going to keep hammering on ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages to champion abortion rights. Not even Planned Parenthood considers the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy an abortion, but they’ve probably updated their website since we last checked.