As Stephen L. Miller likes to say, President Joe Biden can’t fail — he can only be failed. We the public, along with the press and even other Democrats have all gotten in the way of Biden’s success. Never Trumper Tom Nichols in June wrote for The Atlantic a piece called, “Leave Joe Biden Alone.” This month, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank published a column entitled, “Give Biden a break.” Being the president is hard work, you know.

Now we have Brookings senior fellow Marvin Kalb stepping in to defend Biden from the media. “Bothsideism” has failed Biden, we writes, claiming that the mainstream media is trying a little too hard to be “fair and balanced” when there is no balance.

Check out this garbage:

The American press corps struggles every day to prove to readers and viewers that it is “fair and balanced,” the slogan cleverly adopted by Fox News. If it strongly criticized Donald Trump during his presidency (and since), then it follows that it must also strongly criticize Joe Biden, which is exactly what it’s done.

Fair, isn’t it? Balanced, too, right?


Not only does criticism not come in equal shapes and sizes, appropriate for all presidents and both political parties (a journalistic curse called “bothsideism”), but, when unfairly applied, as it has been in covering Biden, it runs the serious risk of further damaging our still free press and weakening our already shaky democracy.

The press image of Biden, president of the United States of America, has been whittled down to that of a doddering old man, wobbly on his feet and barely able to articulate a single thought without slurring.

Excuse us, but it’s Democrats who are struggling with the proposition of Biden running again in 2024. They know he’s a doddering old man. The press can only do so much to prop the guy up, like when he says he has cancer from oil slicks on his windshield.

Stelter has learned how to shut off replies and he seems to prefer it that way, but there are always the quote tweets.

Stelter was the one who made it a crusade to prove that President Donald Trump was mentally unfit to serve. Biden? Here’s Stelter playing a clip of Biden on a vigorous bike ride to show how virile he is. Fair and balanced.

We’ve literally seen “Leave Joe Biden Alone” in print — that’s the press Kalb is complaining about.