As Twitchy pointed out last week, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) put out one of those tweets where you just keep repeating something until it becomes true.

We went through the replies and would say 99.9 percent of them were negative. Most touching were a handful of people tweeting how gender-affirming care ruined their lives. But the LGBTQ community and its allies have assured us that young people are more likely to kill themselves if they don’t get the gender-affirming care they require … why do you want trans kids committing suicide?

The connection between the two is dubious, and WIRED has a new piece out on how gender-affirming care can save lives.

Grace Huckins writes:

In the midst of a slew of anti-trans legislation proposed earlier this year, Spencer Cox, the Republican governor of Utah, made an impassioned plea to his state’s legislature as he tried to veto a bill that would bar trans youth from competing in girls’ sports. “I want them to live,” he wrote of the trans athletes in his state, in reference to the astronomical rates of suicide attempts among the trans community. Multiple surveys have estimated that about 40 percent of trans people may attempt suicide in their lifetimes; among the general public, this figure is around 5 percent.

But despite the governor’s veto attempt, the Utah bill passed, as have a few across the country that ban gender-affirming medical care for kids and teens. Many other such bills are currently in the works. These treatments—principally drugs that delay the onset of puberty, and hormone treatments such as testosterone and estrogen—help trans people achieve the bodies and appearances that feel right to them. Experts worry that the bans will have catastrophic effects. “Youth will die,” says Dallas Ducar, CEO of Transhealth Northampton, a medical center in Western Massachusetts that provides gender-affirming health care services.

Youth will die.

Manhattan Institute Fellow Leor Sapir calls this a case study in bad journalism. This thread is long, but stick with it:

It’s gender-affirming care, just like abortions are women’s reproductive health care? Who’s sick in that equation — the abortionist just knows that abortion makes the woman “better.”

But the Biden administration itself is anxious to provide young people with gender-affirming care, whether it be puberty blockers or surgery. It’s health care, and treatment certainly can’t wait because the person is a minor.