This is just pure gold from RNC Research. Whatever happened to “Shout your abortion!” What about the “It’s Aborted” cake for your post-abortion get-together with friends? What about all of the “Abortion on demand, without apology” T-shirts? Women have been encouraged to come forward with their abortion stories for years, but Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice says the word has been “weaponized,” in her opinion. A doctor suggested that the striking down of Roe v. Wade was the perfect opportunity to have a robust discussion on abortion, but Rice suggested the doctor “stop throwing the word abortion around” because it makes it come across as something that’s negative.

Well … what do you want to call it?


The Democrats already sent out a list of talking points to use when talking about abortion; for example, there are no “unwanted” pregnancies, only “unexpected” pregnancies. Even they didn’t suggest dropping the word abortion, though.

Since “abortion” has been weaponized, what term should we be using to make abortion sound like a happy thing?