You very well might have seen this video already. We saw it in our feed a couple of days ago but hesitated on doing a post because we didn’t have any context as to where it happened or why police were there. Now we know, thanks to Alpha News:

Sheila Qualls writes:

It is a foreshadowing of poverty, prison, and even death. It tells the story of children — who through no fault of their own — have been corrupted and abandoned by a system that places no value on the traditional nuclear family.

When Minneapolis police officers showed up in St. Paul last week to execute a search warrant for a murder suspect, they were met by toddlers — some still in diapers — who punched, kicked, cursed, and threw rocks at them. (Alpha News is only publishing 30 seconds of the video, but it goes on for another two minutes.)

The behavior of these children is eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago.

Children who can’t read or cross the street unattended hurled profanities and unabashed disrespect at law enforcement officers.

As they cussed, berated, and struck police officers with their fists, a bystander can be heard in the background encouraging the children by saying “Oreo head,” in reference to the black police officer at the scene.

This is a problem.

We need to solve it.

This reminds us of the summer of 2020, when we saw toddlers marching with their parents and yelling “f**k the police,” like it was the first words they’d learned.