We’ve already reported once on UC Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridge calling Sen. Josh Hawley “transphobic” for suggesting that only women can get pregnant. We wouldn’t say she’s a hostile witness or anything, but here she is again, not answering Sen. John Cornyn’s question if unborn babies have value. Instead, Bridge pivots to her belief in the value of women and their agency, and when Cornyn points out that she’s not answering his question, she says she’s answering a question that’s “more interesting” to her.

Does an unborn baby have value? Just say no. If you’re there to argue for abortion on demand, without apology, into the third trimester, just say “no” and move on.

It’s remarkable that she heads a classroom with law students in it.

Our newest Supreme Court justice can’t define what a woman is.

We told you about the “cheat sheet” Democrats sent around with the new terms to use when talking about abortion. For one, there are no “unwanted pregnancies,” only “unexpected pregnancies.” But the professor makes it pretty clear a baby has no value if it’s not wanted.