As Twitchy reported, the 4chan community claimed Friday that they had cracked the password to Hunter Biden’s iCloud account. A lot of liberals are playing the “who’s Hunter” game: is he an elected official or something? No, but he’s the son of the president (with whom he never talked business) and a prime target for extortion. What was that word we heard for four years? Kompromat?

The U.S. Secret Service has issued a pretty vague statement saying they’re aware of the reports but can’t comment about a potential investigative action.

Also, maybe it’s just more stuff from his laptop hard drive, which is all Russian disinformation anyway.

Who says?

If they track down the hacker, that will just confirm that all the material that’s been leaked is legit.

* * *


VICE News isn’t waiting around for the Secret Service and has already looked into it: