As Twitchy reported earlier, President Joe Biden issued a statement on the Supreme Court’s striking down New York State’s “proper cause” requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit. Biden said that “this ruling contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and should deeply trouble us all.” No, what should deeply trouble us all is the president claiming that the Supreme Court’s ruling contradicts the Constitution. Here he is expressing his disappointment.

Well, you’re wrong. Again.

Also deeply disturbing is that the Department of Justice felt the need to issue a statement “respectfully disagreeing” with the court’s decision.

Spokeswoman Dena Iverson writes:

“We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusion that the Second Amendment forbids New York’s reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry a concealed handgun must show that they need to do so for self-defense. The Department of Justice remains committed to saving innocent lives by enforcing and defending federal firearms laws, partnering with state, local and tribal authorities and using all legally available tools to tackle the epidemic of gun violence plaguing our communities.”

Here’s an idea: Spend your time tackling the epidemic of gun violence plaguing Democrat-run cities and not standing in the way of law-abiding citizens defending themselves.

This really is inappropriate.