There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Hispanic radio stations in Florida over the past year. In December, Politico’s Sam Stein reported that Democrats were alleging that a string of anti-Kamala Harris calls into Hispanic radio stations was an astroturf campaign. Politico reported at the time:

POLITICO did record and review segments of local programs independently via a radio station’s webcasts. In one, a male caller can be heard describing Harris as “inefficient” and “disappointing,” adding that the vice president “doesn’t do nothing at all.” The same caller jumped from one point to another before finally accusing the administration of poorly managing the economy. In recent days, a POLITICO reporter also heard callers on other Miami-based Spanish-language programs using similar phrases to describe Harris.

No way! Legal immigrants in Florida accusing Biden’s border czar of doing nothing at all?

Rep. Darren Soto made it known last fall that the FCC had to get involved in these right-wing disinformation campaigns:

Today, Soto is declaring a MAJOR victory with the purchase of 18 Spanish-language stations:

Voters who are too dumb to know they’re listening to “right-wing disinformation.”