As Twitchy reported Tuesday, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating with Hispanics is significantly lower than it is with whites, with 65 percent of Hispanics disapproving of Biden’s job performance. We’re not sure what the numbers are with Vice President Kamala Harris, but Politico reports that there’s been a stream of anti-Harris calls into Hispanic radio stations in Florida that has Democrats alleging it’s an astroturf campaign to hurt Harris if Biden decides not to run in 2024.

Politico reports:

POLITICO did record and review segments of local programs independently via a radio station’s webcasts. In one, a male caller can be heard describing Harris as “inefficient” and “disappointing,” adding that the vice president “doesn’t do nothing at all.” The same caller jumped from one point to another before finally accusing the administration of poorly managing the economy. In recent days, a POLITICO reporter also heard callers on other Miami-based Spanish-language programs using similar phrases to describe Harris.

“There is no definitive proof of a coordinated campaign attacking Harris on South Florida radio, as opposed to organic criticism of her conveyed by regular callers,” Politico adds. The idea that it’s an astroturf campaign was raised by a Miami-based Democratic pollster.

Here’s a great thread by Giancarlo Sopo:



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