This is rich: Former Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz says the idea that she wanted to edit your tweets came from something she said that was “decontextualized.” Ironically, the reason she said she wanted Twitter to be like Wikipedia is so that verified, trustworthy people like herself could go in and “add context.” And the best part is that she refers to an AP fact-check to back up her claim.

Before we get into her “absurd claim” of her wanting to edit your tweets, here’s video from a Zoom call of Jankowicz suggesting making Twitter more like Wikipedia so people like her could edit your tweets and add context. She literally says it right here:

Seriously, this was the head of the Disinformation Governance Board:

So she was planning on kicking Aaron Rupar off of Twitter?

So the AP fact-check to which she links doesn’t say the claims against her are false … it says they are “missing context”:

Comments Jankowicz made during a January 2021 presentation, more than a year before she was named to lead the disinformation board, are being misconstrued. A video of Jankowicz’s full remarks shows she was explaining an existing program offered by Twitter that allows certain users to write notes contextualizing claims made in tweets. Jankowicz did not say she personally wanted verified users to edit tweets, nor has she said she plans to implement something similar through the board.

“Jankowicz did not say she personally wanted verified users to edit tweets,” only that verified, trustworthy people like her should have the ability to edit your tweets.

Go away.