Senators already grilled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about his new “Disinformation Governance Board” and the hiring process that made Nina Jankowicz, the Mary Poppins of disinformation, its head. We’d like them to have another go at it, or to get Jankowicz herself in there, because this board needs to be dissolved, like, yesterday. Jankowicz has already proved herself a source of disinformation, calling the Hunter Biden laptop story a “fairy tale.”

We’re not sure what this meeting was for, but here’s Jankowicz wanting verified Twitter users — meaning people who aren’t just “verified” but who are trustworthy and worthy of the blue check — to be able to go in and edit and add context to tweets. For example, were Donald Trump unbanned and tweeted about election fraud, this trustworthy person could go in and add context. Funny how she pulled Trump out of thin air and mentioned election fraud, not the Steele dossier or the backchannel to Alfa Bank that Hillary Clinton’s lawyers made up.

Seriously, who does this woman think she is?

No kidding … what does Twitter have to do with the Department of Homeland Security?

We’d like to “add context” to her tweet about some fairy tale about a laptop repair shop, but we don’t have blue checks, so no go.

What if we tweet about wearing a mask during a Zoom call … would that need context?

She really is. We mean, her musical numbers and Harry Potter erotic fan fiction kind of gave it away, but geez.