Way to commit with that headline, Washington Post. Don’t you guys have a fact-checker on staff who could tell us definitively if protesting in front of a Supreme Court justices’ home is legal or not? It seems up in the air … Jen Psaki said that it was President Joe Biden’s position to encourage these protests Tuesday at her daily press briefing, a few days after saying that there was no official U.S. government position on it. As long as things stay “mostly peaceful,” the administration seems fine with the protests.

The Washington Post consulted some “experts,” and according to them, the protests in front of justices’ homes “appear to be illegal.”

Yes or no, WaPo?

National Review’s John McCormack pulled up the relevant section of the U.S. Code, which baffled Sen. Chris Murphy, who’d never heard of it:

Sen. Dick Durbin admitted that he’d never heard of it:

Because aborting babies is so important that it transcends the law.


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