Honestly, this editor never intended to write about trans issues every Saturday, but there are just so many of them. As we reported earlier, even elementary school boys’ bathrooms in Oregon will be required to have tampon dispensers and instructions posted on how to use them. We’ve also reported Saturday on a fourth-grade teacher who says her former students (fifth-graders) are queer because she’s queer, and she’s their “safe space.”

We’ve told you about the teacher who told his students that if they don’t love and accept you for who you are, f**k them … “I’m your parents now.” Another TikTok influencer explained exactly why “parents need to stay the f**k out of classrooms.” In other words, a lot of teachers assume that parents aren’t going to properly raise their LBGTQ children, and they’ll welcome that responsibility.

Here’s @justaqueerteacher with a reminder to other teachers that, if you have a trans student “who doesn’t present in the way that you think they need to,” it’s probably the parents holding them back.

Are today’s colleges teaching future school teachers how best to identify and support transgender children?

And that’s why we did another trans post.