We’ve already done one post Monday about an insane teacher on TikTok, this one telling about how his first graders are always asking him about his identity, and how when you’re born, a doctor “makes a guess” whether you’re a boy or a girl and sometimes gets it wrong. And if the doctor can get it wrong at childbirth, what are parents supposed to do? Obviously, raise the child gender-free until it’s old enough to declare whether it’s a girl or a boy.

We’re going back to Libs of Tik Tok for one more today, because we think it’s so telling when the teacher says, “I’m your parents now.” Even after their loss in Virginia, liberals are determined to drive a wedge between teachers and school administrators, who have studied these things, and parents, who could be domestic terrorists for all we know. We bring up the “transition closet” a lot because it’s a great example; your parents might send you to school in boys’ clothes, but the school will provide you with girls’ clothes to change into to express your real identity while you’re away from them. Libs of Tik Tok also recently featured a form asking students what they want to be called, and then what they want to be called when their parents are around. Teachers regard school as a “safe space” from parents. And that’s why the real name of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is the Parental Rights in Education bill.

Anyways, this former teacher, whom we’re going to assume is childless, is your children’s parent if you’re not up to the task.

And we have to ask, as always: What is up with these teachers and their hair (and piercings, and tattoos)? Is there no such thing as a professional appearance anymore?

Posting this again for all of the people offended by the use of the “homophobic” term “groomer”:

First lady Dr. Jill Biden’s a teacher. Let’s ask her.

We thought TikTok was for 11-year-old girls to do dance videos and stuff, but teachers really seem to like to unload all their personal baggage on it.


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