This is getting unbelievable. Elon Musk triggered just about every liberal on Twitter Thursday by tweeting a meme suggesting that liberals have moved farther left since 2008. We might have to round up some of the more unhinged responses in one post because there’s no way we could get to all of them. Musk has said that he wants Twitter to be politically neutral and cater to the 80 percent of Americans who aren’t on the fringes of politics. This too has triggered liberals, which is an obvious tell that they know the scales have been tipped in their favor. “Free speech” is now a bad thing and content moderation is what’s hot.

Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis reports that Democratic Sens. Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal have told him they want Musk called to testify before Congress about his plans to overhaul Twitter. He’s not even running the place yet, but they want a congressional hearing on his plans. What, so the Disinformation Governance Board can approve them?

People are saying that Congress has called other social media heads to testify, but these were the people actually running the show at the time. Now they want to hear about “plans.”