Here’s a great tweet from Elon Musk that shouldn’t even have to be said:

The New York Post was locked out of its account for several weeks because it refused to delete its scoop on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was obviously Russian disinformation that the public had to be protected from. One Twitter engineer (at least that’s what his bio says) still denies to this day that what Twitter did with the New York Post’s story wasn’t targeted censorship, but just an unbiased application of Twitter’s hacked materials policy. Then why does Twitter to this day allow, say, Pro Publica to publish its “secret trove of IRS data” to post the tax returns of private citizens?

Oh hey, his tweet’s been deleted after about 1,000 comments within 25 minutes:

That’s a good question: Does he actually believe that the laptop story was suppressed because of Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy, or is he just flat-out lying?