A lot of people, including journalists, think that if they had Elon Musk’s money, they’d make much better use of it. All of it would go toward charitable causes, obviously. As we reported Monday, Voice of America’s United Nations correspondent decided to take a poll of what would be a better use of Musk’s money: buying Twitter of ending world hunger. The results are in, and 88.5 percent of more than 300,000 people who voted chose buying Twitter.

We’d missed this one Monday, but CNN’s climate change reporter, Rachel Ramirez, asked what Musk’s $44 billion could have done for the climate crisis.

That drew more than 10,000 replies.

The Biden administration is practically forcing us to give up gas guzzlers and buy electric vehicles, like Teslas.

She’s already doing her part by reporting on the climate crisis for CNN. But yeah, why not hassle the people who just made $44 billion about how they’re going to spend it? John Kerry’s worth some $250 million … how’s he spending it?


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