As Twitchy reported earlier, it looks like Elon Musk is now the official owner of Twitter after purchasing it for some $43 billion. Celebrities are already going nuts as we’ve shown, but we’re also noticing that mainstream journalists are wary of Musk owning Twitter: CNN+’s Brian Stelter, for example, foresees a party “where there are no rules” and there is “total freedom for everybody.” That sounds like a good party.

As of this writing, you still have 16 hours to vote in this poll posted by Voice of America’s United Nations correspondent, Margaret Besheer. She asks which is a better use of Musk’s $43 billion: end world hunger or buy Twitter, the latter of which is currently winning by 90 percent. It’s pretty laughable that Besheer thinks that $43 billion would end world hunger — America’s “war on poverty” has sunk how many billions over the last few decades, and look where we are now.

It figures someone who covers the embarrassment that is the United Nations for a living would have no clue how to allocate that money to end world hunger.

Hey, here’s another one:


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