OK, we’re still not sure if Target Toothbrush Guy was trolling when he tweeted that a purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk “could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet.” Maybe he was just looking for retweets, maybe not. But long-verified Salon writer Matthew Rozsa was so serious about his take on doom and destruction, he tweeted it, deleted it, then reposted a screenshot of it inside of another tweet where he explained how he stood by the initial sentiment. We think he probably got tired of being ratio’d, deleted it, and then decided to go for broke. Did we mention he’s been long-verified? His blue check is as blue as they get.

Rozsa made his plea directly to Parag Agrawal, warning him that Musk thought he could beat him and that the free world needed to know he was stronger, smarter, and more tenacious.

In the space of one tweet, Rozsa claims that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter “is a threat to the free world” and also “I care about factual precision.”

All those trolls are back for seconds.

How would Musk purchasing Twitter be a threat to the free world? It might seem to journalists that world events play out on Twitter, but a small minority of Americans even have accounts. Or let us guess: The threat is that Musk will un-ban Donald Trump, who’ll win in 2024 and start World War III.

* * *


Called it! Here’s Rozsa’s piece for Salon about how Musk buys Twitter, Musk reinstates Trump, Trump wins in 2024, and America descends into fascism.


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