As Twitchy reported, President Joe Biden held a gun control announcement at the White House Monday, once again repeating the lie that you couldn’t have a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed. He also said to imagine if the tobacco industry were “immune to prostitution.”

But the centerpiece of Biden’s presentation was his holding up of a “ghost gun” made from a kit and not having a serial number.

Biden announced a ban on ghost gun kits, which are most definitely not the problem with crime in America; neither are AR-15s.

Solution: Prosecute the criminals? Remarkably, Biden said that you would face federal prosecution if you committed a crime using one of these ghost guns — imagine that.

How nervous do you think the White House press corps was right about this moment?

Remember: Biden wants you to buy a shotgun instead of an AR-15, because you don’t need to aim as well.


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