When we read this tweet from the Washington Post, we knew immediately who @ekp was: Ellen K. Pao, former CEO of Reddit. We knew because we’d just done a post on her managing to make the label “free-speechers” somehow derogatory. It’s a bad thing to be a free-speecher, because all they really want is to be able to use racist slurs. She even posted proof in what looks like a Word document:

Elon Musk, the newest board member of Twitter, calls himself a free speech absolutist, so we guess he’s one of those free-speechers who just wants the freedom to harass people off of Twitter. Politico’s Sam Stein noted that just two months ago, Musk had posted a meme of Hitler asking people to stop comparing him to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (which is pretty damn funny). Who knows? Could Musk use his new power to give Donald Trump his Twitter account back?

Do you know what else free-speechers wanted besides the go-ahead to harass other people with racial slurs? They wanted to share the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop, but they weren’t allowed to. Twitter shut down the Post’s account for six weeks because they wouldn’t take down the story, which has since been confirmed by the New York Times and Washington Post.

In any case, just days after Pao railed against “free-speechers,” the Washington Post gave her space on its opinion page to express how Musk’s version of “free speech” (in scare quotes) would be bad for Twitter.


They’re going to use women and sexism, not racism, to argue against free speech. They’ve already started, with the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz telling how she has “severe PTSD” from mean tweets.