If you have to explain the joke, it’s not a good joke. Michael de Adder, political cartoonist for the Washington Post, decided to depict the whole hubbub over the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law by drawing an analogy to Disney’s Snow White; Gov. Ron DeSantis is the evil witch with a “Don’t Say Gay” satchel offering Snow White an apple.

This is just like the guy who couldn’t understand the backlash after he asked whether to have a maskless assembly or burn down the school; he had to come back and explain to the illiterate that he wasn’t actually suggesting burning down a school … it’s just that holding a maskless assembly was “the equivalent” of burning down the school.

Now de Adder has to explain that the kids in his cartoon aren’t really dead … they’re just all in comas and need a prince or princess (sorry for the gendered language) to kiss them and wake them up. (Deleted, but we got it.)

So his thought process was, I need a picture of a kid in a coma from eating a poisoned apple; guess I’ll Google “dead child” for a reference image — and then get pissed when people assume the kids in the cartoon are dead.


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