As Sen. Dick Durbin said in another post, senators have “exhausted” the topic of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s choice to sentence those in possession of child pornography to sentences much shorter than the sentencing guidelines. She’s said that those sentencing guidelines are out of date, and apparently need to be revised downward. On Tuesday, when QAnon-signaling pedophile Sen. Josh Hawley asked her why an 18-year-old was given only three months when the sentencing guidelines recommended up to 10 years, she explained that the children in the images were practically the offender’s “peers” and he’d presented his all of his diplomas:

OK, fair enough. Hawley had a follow-up question Wednesday, though … did Jackson regret giving such a short sentence?

So we’ll take that as a no, she doesn’t regret it.

Really, she just ought to step up and own her position that sentencing guidelines for child porn are too strict. That would play well with the Democrats in the Senate and their supporters who believe all incarceration is wrong.


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