It was last September when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Yamiche Alcindor that “border agents should never again use whips on migrants.” That same day, Psaki told “CBS Mornings” that those images of whip-wielding, horseback-riding patrol agents were “horrific and horrible.” “That’s not who the Biden and Harris administration is,” Psaki said. Even the clown who started the whole “whips” lie eventually admitted that “this isn’t about whips, reins, or even horses.” Oh, really?

The Department of Homeland Security promised an investigation into the two Border Patrol agents who were not, in fact, carrying whips, though from another angle, one could be seen grabbing a migrant by the T-shirt. Fox News’ Bill Melugin notes that it’s been six months now that DHS has been “investigating” the agents.

You think so? A reporter released video from a different angle a few days after the outrage peaked that clears both agents of the “whipping” charge. Case closed.


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