We can’t quite figure out Rep. Eric Swalwell. He’s getting into this pseudo-tough-guy persona on Twitter when he does his trolling. As we reported, yesterday Swalwell — who actually thought he had a shot at being president — lashed out at Sebastian Gorka over a meme by telling him to “keep your child porn fantasies to yourself” and then tagging Rep. Adam Kinzinger for some reason. So now he has Gorka as a connoisseur of child porn and Sen. Josh Hawley — who objected to the certification of electoral votes, much as Democrats did for Donald Trump — as in league with cop-killers. We guess they were cop-killers in their hearts because no police officers were killed in the Capitol riots.

Hawley points out what even the fact-checkers who say he’s attacking Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirm in their fact-checks; that she’s been consistently lenient with sentencing in child porn cases. Swalwell has to bring January 6 into it because he’s got nothing.


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