As Twitchy reported, “some of the most influential orbits in the Republican establishment” — Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, and most importantly, special guest Sen. Mitt Romney — held a fundraiser for Rep. Liz Cheney, who faces a primary challenger endorsed by Donald Trump. This was awkward because Romney just said last week that he doesn’t get involved in primaries, not even those in the state he represents:

Romney’s probably dying to endorse Evan McMullin but doesn’t want to be embarrassed when he loses in a blow-out.

Cheney might be out of a job after the midterms, and we suspect Rep. Adam Kinzinger, her Republican colleague on the January 6 select committee, is headed for CNN or MSNBC, seeing as the district he represents won’t exist anymore.

NBC4 Washington is reporting that those close to Cheney and Kinzinger, as well as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, are saying that at least one, if not all of them, is going to launch a presidential run after the 2022 midterms.

Steve Peoples reports:

More than two years before the next presidential election, a shadow primary is already beginning to take shape among at least three fierce Republican critics of former President Donald Trump to determine who is best positioned to occupy the anti-Trump lane in 2024.

“It’s there as an option, but it’s not necessarily because this is all some big plan so I can be in the White House,” Kinzinger told The Associated Press when asked about his timeline for deciding on a presidential run. “It’s looking and saying, ‘Is there going to be a voice out there that can represent from that megaphone the importance of defending this country and democracy and what America is about?’ There certainly, I’m sure within the next year or so, will be a point at which you have to make a decision.”

We’re reminded again of Reason editor Robby Soave’s take that it’s “pretty obvious” that Romney is the Republican most likely to defeat Joe Biden in 2024. Just think of how many disenchanted Democrats he’ll pick up along with independents and Never Trumpers — just like McMullin thought he’d do.

Read the room, people.


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