A week ago, we did a post on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pushing back on a reporter who was asking him about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. DeSantis interrupted the reporter a few times to slip in details that had gotten lost, such as that the Parental Rights in Education bill’s prohibition of teachers leading class discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity applied only to kindergarten through third-grade classrooms. We’ve seen some crazy takes on the bill, such as that not talking to kindergarteners about sexual orientation will lead to the next Pulse nightclub shooting. We believe the onus is on those opposing the bill to tell us why it’s so important to lead kindergarten discussions about gender identity. Do you really think you need to indoctrinate kids that early to stop “hate”?

He’s a little late to the party, but United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has come out against the bill, and much like the reporter mentioned above, completely skips over the fact that we’re talking about elementary school here.

Why does this lesson have to be taught in public school to third-graders? Is little Tommy getting beat up because he has two dads?

How many LGBTQ+ children do you find in the average kindergarten? Kids that age probably just assume — shocker! — that there are two genders, boys and girls.

It’s only seven pages.