There’s something called the Parental Rights in Education bill being argued in the Florida Senate, but don’t believe for a second it’s only “critics” of the bill who have called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — the mainstream media has picked up on that shorthand. For example, here’s NBC News:

And here’s NBC News doing a story on a “Saturday Night Live” skit about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill:

As Twitchy reported earlier, Florida State Democrats made asses of themselves parading around the hallways saying “gay” over and over in protest of a bill that would allegedly prevent teachers from using the word gay.

A reporter questioned about what “critics” call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and DeSantis wasn’t having it anymore. Here’s some much-needed pushback:

That’s a very good question. If you normalize the idea of 57 genders before they develop critical faculties of their own, it’s much easier to have them comply as adults.

Here’s the guy who asked the question doing a half-decent report on it for local news: