Hillary superfan Peter Daou didn’t get the memo; Democrat governors across the country on Monday announced that they’d be dropping mask mandates in schools with the next month. On Monday, Jen Psaki said it remained the Biden administration’s recommendation that masks in schools be mandated, and on Wednesday she again defended masking for everyone, saying parents, teachers, and students should still wear a mask in schools regardless of what any state has decided — and they’re free to do that.

Sen. Tom Cotton gave a floor speech about the damage that two years of masking children in schools has done, and Daou called it “repulsive” that Cotton doesn’t want children protected in a pandemic.

The Democrats are trying very hard to make it seem like mask mandates were never their idea, but as we said, Daou didn’t get the memo.

No, keep talking, at least through November.

The White House keeps punting to the CDC, which has no credibility, while Democrat governors are finally coming around. Cotton’s right.


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