We always found it hard to believe that President Donald Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin, seeing as he promoted sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and reversed the Obama administration to approve the sale of arms to Ukraine, including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and Javelin anti-tank missiles. There was even a report in Bloomberg that the Obama White House advised Kyiv to stand down when Russia rolled tanks into Crimea.

Former national security adviser John Bolton is telling Newsweek that if Trump had been reelected in 2020, “Russians would already be in Kyiv.”


Bolton told Newsweek that a second Trump term would likely have seen the former president double down on the conspiracy theories that poisoned his administration’s ties with Kyiv and led to his first of two impeachments.

“I think he would have given Ukraine away, basically,” Bolton told Newsweek. “Until they turn over that Democratic National Committee server and find out what Hunter Biden was doing in Ukraine, Ukraine was going to fend for itself.”

All evidence points to the contrary, but go off.

But remember that CNN scandal when Trump dumped the whole bowl of fish food into the koi pond in Japan?

We used to respect the guy.


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