Earlier this week Vice President Kamala Harris ran down a list of the “most vulnerable” in our society, and we took note that she updated the standard LGBTQ+ to LGBTQI+, adding an “I” for intersex. As far as we know, it wasn’t until last year that intersex people were reflected on the pride flag, which had already been updated to include trans people as well as marginalized communities of color.

We were wondering if LGBTQI+ is the new standard adopted by the Biden administration, and then we saw this lesson plan from a biology class that informed us that intersex people represent about 2 percent of the population — comparable to those born with red hair.

There’s also a slide of non-human examples of variation: the common reed frog apparently changes sex after mating. Plants too change their sex.

But it helps activism if you pump the numbers up.

“Only mentioning biological sex as male and female marginalizes intersex people, who have been persistently discriminated against.” Really?


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