We weren’t going to do a post on this since the clip is from MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” marketing push way back in 2013, but it’s being retweeted by some big names. Melissa Harris-Perry, probably best known for wearing tampon earrings on air, doesn’t even have a show on MSNBC anymore, but this clip seems especially pertinent today, considering that “parents’ rights” has been called by Juan Williams code for “white race politics.”

We also just did a post on “curriculum transparency,” which is reportedly being pushed by conservative activists (not “concerned parents”) and is threatening to increase censorship of teachers. All of this attention stems from the work of Christopher Rufo and the victorious campaign of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, for whom Democrats sat silently as he reaffirmed parents’ rights to make decisions for their children.

Again, this is old, but the sentiment behind it is perhaps even more relevant today.

MSNBC purposefully put this out there in 2013 along with its “Lean Forward” tagline, apparently thinking cable news viewers didn’t think MSNBC was biased enough.

Don’t forget that the Black Lives Matter manifesto posted online included “disruption of the nuclear family” as one of the organization’s goals.

We’re not sure why this has resurfaced today, but it’s still pertinent. Harris-Perry may be gone from MSNBC, but that doesn’t mean her ideas don’t linger on there.


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