As Twitchy reported, the latest RealClearPolitics polling average has President Joe Biden at a new low of 40.9 percent, and it shows no signs of turning around soon. CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere has a lengthy piece on CNN’s website Wednesday talking about how Biden is leaving Democrats hanging as the midterm elections approach. It’s certainly no hit piece on Biden, but it does seem like a fair look at what’s going on with this White House. Josh Kraushaar zeroed in on one of the most brutal takeaways:

“In three dozen exclusive interviews with CNN,” Dovere writes, “top Democratic politicians, campaign officials and operatives say the White House political operation is heading into the midterms unprepared and unresponsive even to basic requests for help or information.”

It’s a great point … unlike President Trump, Biden has the full support of the mainstream media, although even that began to crumble as the debacle in Afghanistan played out and reporters couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Says Joe Biden.

Again, this is a lengthy, well-researched piece; it’s not a hit on Biden at all. Democratic operatives on the ground are just wondering what the plan is to turn things around before November.


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